Thursday, January 18, 2007

Villas to Rent Around the World

An increasingly popular way to go on vacation, is to get together with family or friends and rent a villa somewhere in the world.

If you are like me though, before you pursue a topic, you are curious to know what it is you are talking about. By this I mean, How does one define a villa? According to Wikipedia, the online free encylopedia, "A villa was originally a Roman country house built for the upper class ..." read more. A definition from another source describes a villa as a country mansion together with farm and farm buildings and yet another as a superior type of suburban house with its own garden. The spanish word Casa is also used synonymously with villa as far as vacation rentals go and even though the word casa means "house", it somehow conjures up a grander picture in our minds. Other words associated with the word villa, are castle, tower, estate, home, cottage, lodge, chateau, to mention but a few. For me the word villa, always implies a luxurious home, usually with a pool, a garden and often within a private gated estate or a resort area. Definitely a place where you can experience the most magical vacation of your life!

The advantages of renting a villa are many, especially if you are travelling with a large group. For example if you decide to go on a vacation for your next family reunion, why not consider renting a villa or casa in the Yucatan, on the Mexican Caribbean.

If you are thinking of a spot for your wedding and would like to have accommodations for your family and friends have a look at some of the villas for rent in Puerto Vallarta. The island of Puerto Rico also has some wonderful choices of Casas, or villas to rent. If you wish to use the synonyms castle, tower or mansion for the word villa, you may want to travel to Europe where there are many fine castles, towers and historical mansions that have been converted to very excellent and unique accommodations. Scotland has some of these types of accommodations which are well suited for corporate get a ways and fishing vacations. England has many villa type accommodations also. Some of these are converted farmhouses, which are worthy of the title villa, even though a farmhouse may bring a more basic dwelling to mind. You could consider renting a chateau in France. The Chateau de Villette in France, which was a major setting for the movie "The da Vinci Code would be a memorable place to spend a holiday.

In summary, for the saying "Every Man's Home is his Castle" we could substitute the word castle for villa, casa, chateau or any of the other synonyms discussed above. Whichever way you look at it renting a villa somewhere in the world will provide you with a glorious home away from home for your next vacation.

Please leave a comment if you have a favourite villa that you would like to tell us about.

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  1. the villa acropole
    at orient bay resort st martin FWI (caribbean)
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    & absolutly fabulous villa 6000 sqfeet
    swimming pool

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  3. Orlando is a great place to spend a villa holiday. Hampton Lakes is ideal location close to Disney World.

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  5. Totally agree with you that Puerto Rico is
    a marvelous place.I am searching for villa to rent.Hope i will found good one there.