Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vacation Rentals By Owner

When we used to go to hotels, long before we knew there was such a thing as vacation rentals by owner, we would check in for our stay, pick up the room key and that was the last we would see of the hotel staff until check out time. This was all routine, until one day a friend told me that he and his family had rented from an owner in Hawaii and had experienced the best holiday they had ever had.

They advised me to go on the computer and do a search for vacation rentals by owner in Maui, which is where we were heading at the time. We had no trouble finding a condo that appealed to us, so we arranged to rent it for a month.

When we arrived at the condo, we were pleasantly surprised to find a letter of welcome, flower leis, a bottle of wine and a bouquet of beautiful tropical flowers.

There was a list of places of interest that we should visit, and directions for getting there. There was also a fascinationg guest book, filled with fun filled stories and recommendations af where to eat and places to visit. Read - The Best Vacation Travel Guide

The condo was oceanfront and each night the guests would blow through a conch shell, which is a Hawaiian tribute to the setting of the sun. At each sunset we joined with our neighbors in this little ceremony to say goodnight to the sun. We met so many wonderful people and had so much fun.

My family had the most wonderful holiday ever and it even led us to become vacation rental owners in Maui. We have met many owners over the years, and can say that they are fabulous people who get so much enjoyment helping families, friends, and couples to have wonderful holidays.

Vacation Rentals by owner create a two way street. The renters experience the holiday of a lifetime and the owners enjoy the satisfaction of having a worthwhile and rewarding business.

We thank vacation rental owners and invite you to comment on this article and leave a link to your vacation home.

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  1. Vacationers have enjoyed our Mana Kai Maui beachfront condo for over 20 years and their comments have been very positive. No comparison with renting a hotel room when they can have an entire condo and often for less cost. Our web page is (singular on the word vacation)

  2. Karen & GeorgeFebruary 1, 2007 at 8:32 AM

    As owners of vacation rental properties in the beautiful Peachland area of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia we have to agree that "guests" are the best part of the "rental experience" for us. We have met so many wonderful folks and have numerous ones that return on a yearly basis. It gives you a great feeling when someone tells you that they had the best holiday ever and wish they could stay longer.

  3. Almost twenty years ago, when I was working for an aero-space corporation in Southern California, I was stuck in traffic one day and thought: "There's something wrong with this picture! I'm stuck in the smog, and my son, who, when I'm asked what he does, I say 'He surfs', is living in Paradise (Princeville, Kauai)"

    So I called my son, and the next time I visited there, we bought a lot on the golf course, built a Three Master Bedroom house, and discovered Vacation Rentals By Owner.

    We've never been sorry.

  4. We promote our vacation rental as "environmentally-friendly."

    What we don't mention is the seven rainsavers and the 14 composters, nor the parklike feel of the huge yard.

    Once they grasp the full scope of it, our guests' eyes bug. Most of them come from very nice homes themselves.

    Many of them take seeds and plants from our yard home with them.

    You might say we're "spreading across Canada."

  5. When coming to Kona, the Kona Heavens Hideaway has become a favorite spot for visitors to return to year after year. Spacious, beautiful, luxurious and affordable; perfect for families or honeymooners. Close to town, yet out in the "country" enough to feel private. Abundance is the order of the day at the; fruit trees, herb garden, amazing view, quiet, outdoor spa, etc. Check this oue out, you'll be happy you did!

  6. the fully equipped vacation rental is definitely meeting much better travelers' expectations and budget these days, more so for a vacation in hawaii. at first glance, renting a hotel room at a resort next to the beach sounds very tempting but then there are the expenses for 3 meals a day at a restaurant and any additional service, like internet, mostly comes with an extra charge. vacation rental owners in hawaii offer fully equipped kitchens, high speed internet access, beach toys for you and the children + a customized service for your needs.
    how better can it get? aloha from hawaii big island, pua