Monday, January 29, 2007

Top Ten Travel Destinations for 2007

A recent article by Sophia Banay 01.11.07, outlines the top ten travel destinations compiled by for 2007. Following is a quote from her article.

"Once again this year, has compiled a list of where we want to go in 2007--and where you should, too. We spoke to industry experts and a few of our favorite globe trotters to find out what's hot this year, from wine tasting in Argentina to dune surfing in Africa and everywhere in between."

Below is the list of the Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2007:

Argentina: best wine tasting
Dominican Republic: best beaches
Ethiopia: best adventure safari
Honduras: best snorkeling
Laos: best sightseeing
Namibia: best family trip
The North Island, Seychelles: best splurge!
Oman: best bargain
Panama: best eco-tourism
Sri Lanka: best honeymoon

To read the whole article and view a slide show of the places go here

If anyone has any idea as to how they arrived at this list or if you have your own favourite travel destination we would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Aloha Julie,
    Just came across your list of top ten travel destinations by Forbes for 2007. Quite some exotic places they came up with! I believe Hawaii is still high on the agenda of the average traveler. Depending on what the purpose of your visit is The Hawaiian Islands have something for everybody...Hawaii Big Island with fire and ice (Kilauea Volcano and snowcovered Mauna Kea!), Maui is still a surfer's paradise, Kauai is for the ones who seek a peaceful retreat on endless beaches and Oahu is for the hotel loving crowd on Waikiki. Best of all, the two major airlines to Hawaii, Aloha and Hawaiian, have great winter specials. Check it out. Vacation in Hawaii like Donald Trump but cheap!

  2. Really interesting list, the best bit about is that all destinations are very different. I might be visiting Sri Lanka this April, hope that goes well.