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Bonaire Vacation in the Dutch Caribbean

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation on a small tropical island away from it all? If so you might be interested in the small unspoiled island of Bonaire, famed for the finest snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Well known for its pioneering role in the preservation of nature, all surrounding waters and coral reefs have been legally protected since 1979.
For an unforgettable adventure, you may want to try sea kayaking in the protected waters of Lac bay, or the miles of flats and mangroves in the south.
Outdoor enthusiasts will find many things to do on this pristine island, including mountain biking over 300 kilometers of trails with varied terrain.
Bird watching is another popular pastime on Bonaire, which is home to 170 species of birds. Flamingoes are its most famous and can number as many as 15,000 during mating season. Drive or hike through the varied terrain of the island's 13,500 acre Washington Slagbaai National Park, a wildlife sanctuary where birds, lizards, goats and iguanas are found in their natural habitat. Also of great interest is the European influence which is obvious in the architecture and cultural heritage of the area.
Don't let the tranquil existence on Bonaire fool you because world class restaurants and lively night life abound in welcoming contrast when you are ready. Click here for more activities in Bonaire.
If you decide to make Bonaire your next vacation destination, consider renting from an owner instead of staying in a hotel. Bonaire vacation rentals include private villas, beachfront homes, cottages, studios and apartments. Try renting from an owner and you will find that many amenities and services are included and for family reunions, weddings or corporate getaways, vacation rentals in Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles offer a more more affordable holiday than staying in a hotel. Bonaire Two Bedroom Vacation Home

More Netherlands Antilles Vacation Rentals

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Maui Vacation Rentals

Maui vacation rentals offer a clever and affordable alternative to hotel accommodation, for the traveller to this wonderful Hawaiian island. Not only are vacation rentals self catering, allowing you to save money by cooking your own meals, but they also have much more room to accommodate your family and friends. Maui vacation rentals include beachfront condos with spectacular views of the surrounding islands and a front row seat for whale watching. Many Maui vacation rentals are condos situated on beautiful tropical grounds with tennis, shuffleboard and heated pools. Renting an old Hawaiian style cottage is also an option. Enjoy a resort setting without having to deal with the crowds of tourists at Maui hotels.A smart idea for those travelling to Maui for a wedding or with family and friends is to rent a large vacation home and share the cost. This makes it much more affordable than staying in a hotel and the amenities are fantastic. If you choose Maui vacation rentals don't forget that the guest book is the Best Vacation Travel Guide, because it contains experiences and suggestions from real time travelers to Maui. Also read Our Maui Travel Guide for some suggestions of things to see and do on your Maui vacation. Below are some helpful links to some great Maui Vacation Rentals, divided into categories for your convenience.

Maui Beachfront Condos

Lahaina Shores Beachfront Condo

Aloha Maui Oceanfront Condo

Aloha Maui Oceanfront Vacation Rental

Aloha Maui Oceanfront Two Bedroom Condo

Two Bedroom Beachfront Condo

Pikake Beachfront West Maui Condo

Oceanfront Maui Vacation Rental

Polynesian Shores Oceanfront Condo
Wailea Beachfront Vacation Condo

Maui Vacation Cottages

Kaanapali Vacation Cottage at the Colony Club

Kaanapali Oceanview Vacation Home

Maui Golf Homes
Vacation Condo on Kaanapali Golf Course

Maui Oceanview Vacation Homes

Papakea Resort Oceanview Condo

Kaanapali Vacation Condo

Maui Eldorado Ocean View Studio

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide

Puerto Vallarta is a charming port city, with quaint buildings and cobble stone streets, situated on the "Bahia de Banderas" in the state of Jalisco on the eastern coast of Mexico. Surely it is the pearl of Banderas Bay, the second biggest bay in the world and known for its beautiful weather as well as its unique and natural qualities.

Each year the big sea turtles come out of the bay close to Puerto Vallarta, to deposit their eggs in the hot sand, whales make a stop to mate and bear their young and the dolphins also like to stay in the area. Several organizations offer famous whale watching tours.

Because of its nice atmosphere, beautiful weather and climatic conditions and unique natural surroundings, Puerto Vallarta has been chosen by famous Hollywood stars like Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and John Huston as their second home. When Tennesse Williams wrote his theater masterpiece "The Night of the Iguana" he surely did not think that later it would be filmed in Puerto Vallarta with Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr. But also other movies like "Predator" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, now California´s governor, or series like "Acapulco Heat" had been filmed in the selvatic nature around Puerto Vallarta. Today you can still see the old helicopter from predator in the trees in the middle of the Puerto Vallarta jungle.

There are a many things to do in Puerto Vallarta including Puerto Vallarta city tours or surfing Nuevo Vallarta beaches for starters. Depending on the tourist's interest, Puerto Vallarta offers golfing on world class courses, water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and surfing.

You may take tours on a sailing ship to the close Banderas Bay islands starting at the Puerto Vallarta Marina or at the pier at Puerto Vallarta downtown. And for the one who knows everything and really needs a new experience, there are tours to see the whales and dolphins in Banderas Bay or the last giant turtles at the beaches. If you like fishing here you will find marlin, flying fish or swordfish. Competitors from all over the world come to Banderas Bay for the yearly fishing competition in Puerto Vallarta and Nuervo Vallarta.

If you are looking for accommodations in Puerto Vallarta you will find many choices. From safe and affordable family vacations rentals in Puerto Vallarta to luxury vacations in oceanfront villas to cheap all inclusive hotels there is accommodation for every budget. There are also charming small apartments to rent at reasonable prices close to the Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta beaches.

We hope that our travel guide to Puerto Vallarta has been useful for you. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment and share some of your favourite things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Many thanks to Claudio from Puerto Vallarta for contributing content for this blog.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Maui on a Budget

They say "The Best Things in Life are Free" and Maui has plenty of wonderful activities to offer if you are on a tight budget.
Walking the beaches in Maui is one such treat. The sand is clean, and on many of the Maui beaches, you can walk barefoot for miles and miles along the shoreline. From November through March you can watch the humpback whales right from the shore, as they come in very close when they are giving birth and training their new born calves. Don't believe it when people say you have to pay money to go on a whale watching tour. We have seen the most awesome displays of breaching and tail waving with our feet planted firmly on the ground. Add snorkeling and good old swimming and you have a fantastic day, especially if you are fortunate enough to meet up with "Honu" the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Since Honu, stands for luck the rest of your day is guaranteed to be spectacular.

Maybe after your swim in the warm tropical sea you might head for the old whaling village of Lahaina and explore the many shops and restaurants. Or take in the free Whaling museum at Whaler's Village and learn about bygone days of whaling ships and Missionaries.

A trip to Hana is a must, and it will only cost you the gas for your car. As you wind your way through spectacular tropical scenery and beautiful waterfalls along Maui's east coast, you will reach the charming town of Hana with its quaint general store, and a small selection of shops. If you keep going past Hana you will see the Seven Sacred Pools, a series of fresh water pools which go right down to the ocean. You may want to stop and take a dip to cool off before you take the road back to Kahului. If you want to make the trip a little more enjoyable and yet still affordable, consider staying in a Hana vacation rental, where you can cook your own meals.

The next day, you can pack a picnic lunch and head off to Haleakala, the dormant volcano. The summit rewards you with great views of the crater, and if you like hiking there are many trails to explore, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the area.

Another great day trip is to the last lava flow on Maui. To get there drive through Kihei and Wailiea and keep going until you find yourself surrounded by lava fields. If you drive to the end of the road you will come to Le Perouse Bay, a great snorkeling spot.

Maui does not have roads clogged with cars, trucks, and huge vehicles, so you can bicycle in safety if that's your bag. Untold millions of Maui lovers have returned to this paradise island for unforgettable vacations. Fabulous people, fabulous climate and affordable activities, add up to an unforgettable holiday for you and your family.

If you want to have self catering accommodations on Maui, you can share costs and save money by choosing from Maui Vacation Rentals.

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Caribbean Vacation Rentals

If you are thinking about a vacation in the Caribbean there are many islands to choose from, each with their own special qualities, and all of them inviting you for an unforgettable island getaway, especially if you rent a villa or vacation home from an owner.

Caribbean vacation rentals range from luxury beachfront condos in Barbados to cottages in the US Virgin Islands to magnificent villas in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and almost every Caribbean destination.

Many of the villas for rent in the Caribbean are fully staffed, and some offer all inclusive holidays. Renting from an owner will add a personal touch to your vacation that you will never experience in a hotel.

The Caribbean is rich in colonial history and many of the islands still retain the architecture and charm of bygone times. There are plenty of wonderful white sand beaches and beautiful aqua green warm ocean for excellent swimming and water sports. You will also discover excellent restaurants, enticing music and unique shopping.

So make up your mind to have a relaxing, romantic vacation on a Caribbean island and choose Caribbean vacation rentals for your accommodations.

We would love to hear your comments about Caribbean vacation rentals that you could recommend to others.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Cheap Eats in St. Maarten

Many thanks to Roberta, aka The Villa Lady for this article about St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a free port with the price of alcohol cheaper than milk or juice. Shopping for food on the island is not a problem. If you are American and wish to stay away from being charged in Euros, make sure you shop on the Dutch side of the island. There are some excellent food markets and wholesale centers. There is a Cost-u-less which is similar to our Costco and Sam’s Club. I even think they get the merchandise from the warehouse stores in the states. The meats and vegetables are usually quite good and fresh. I think the best place to shop is the Grand Marche at the round-about going into Phillipsburg.

Inexpensive restaurants that have good food and are very informal are not hard to find.
When I am on the island, I enjoy my first night at Lal’s which is a small Indian food restaurant just across the street from the old airport building. The old airport building is gone not but I do not think you will miss Lal’s. The chicken and spinach is delicious and the Nan is great. Good drinks at reasonable prices too!

We also like Marty’s Gyro. He has simple good food that is well priced. The gyros are great, the fried fish is great and you can watch the latest ball game while you eat. Marty’s is next to the Dolphin Casino in Simpson Bay. Simple food, simple setting but very enjoyable. Consider taking the gyros home if you want to eat on your own terrace in one of my villas.

Do you like a good pizza? Right in Simpson Bay you will find Pizza Galley. It is across the street from the Royal Palm Hotel. They serve a thin crust pizza. There is a great choice of toppings. Watch out for spicy sausage and pepperoni. Don’t order that if spice bothers you.
We had the best all you can eat ribs just next door to the Pizza Galley at the Lady C. Lovely waitresses and really great ribs. It is also a Floating Bar. Try it. You will not be sorry. The ribs are a do not miss.

Try our recommendations and please leave your comments if you know of other inexpensive recommendations for the island.
Roberta Valins aka the Villalady

Friday, July 6, 2007

Our Maui Travel Guide

It just seems that everyone in the world wants to come to Maui. And why shouldn't they? The weather is fantastic with a year round average of 82 degrees, there are so many wonderful things to see and do, and the people are friendly and helpful.We have been coming to this magical island for over 20 years, so understandably we now consider it our second home and a welcome escape from the cold winters of Canada. As Kama'aina (or locals) we feel qualified to share with you, some of our cherished Maui experiences. The following is Our Maui Travel Guide.

It is a fact that Maui beaches are rated among the best in the world, and water sports are unsurpassed. Kaanapali Beach is our favourite beach, and here you can either walk for miles on the sand, or take a leisurely stroll along a pathway through the many resorts and hotels that are strung along the beach. If you end up at Whaler's Village you may catch an outdoor concert of local performers, eat in one of the great beachfront restaurants, browse through a myriad of shops and boutiques or take in the informative Whaler's Museum, offering free admission.

If you keep going to the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, you will be treated to a free hula show each evening and later you can dance to a great Hawaaian band with the moonlight shining down through the Palms. Rudy Aquino, a native Hawaiian who has played there for years will leave you with a special memory when he plays "Phantom of the Opera" on his Vibra Harp. Also worthy of mention, and somewhere we have taken many of our guests, is a magic show called Kupanaha, also at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. The magicians are top notch, and you really go away with a new respect for magic.

One of our favourite Maui activities is snorkeling with the colourful fish and green sea turtles. If you try this you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an eel or octopus as you explore your own coral wonderland. Our favourite snorkeling spots on Maui are Airport Beach and Black Rock in Kaanapali, Honalua Bay (a marine reserve) north of Kapalua, and Le Perouse Bay out past Wailuku and the last lava flow on Maui (also a fascination drive through the lava).

If you visit Maui between December and March you will be sure to see the many humpback whales that come from Alaska each year to mate and bear their young. To watch a mother teaching her calf to breach is the thrill of a lifetime. For whale watching we recommend booking with The Pacific Whale Foundation. Their mission is to promote appreciation, understanding and protection of whales, dolphins, coral reefs and our planet's oceans.

One of the most memorable day trips we have done on Maui, was a visit to the Ali’I Kula Lavendar Farm. We had a sumptuous “Lavender tea” and believe it or not everything from the tea, to the scones to the jam, had lavender in it. The best part was sitting outside overlooking breathtaking views of Kula in “up country” Maui. After that we were given a very delightful tour as we strolled through 45 varieties of lavender.

A trip up to Haleakala National Park where you can see the famous dormant volcano, is a must. We even got up a 3:30 in the morning once to experience a spectacular sunrise from the summit. Do take warm clothes, and a picnic as there are many great hiking trails which gives you a chance to see the local flora and fauna first hand.

Another of our favourite Maui pastimes is to take in the free jazz concert at Canoes restaurant in Lahaina during their happy hour every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. These top notch musicians sometimes even invite singers from the audience to take part in their show.

We still never tire of Lahaina town with its historic store fronts and buildings, reminiscent of the era of whaling ships and missionaries. Our favourite haunt for a happy hour is the Lahaina Bar and Grill. From here we overlook the largest Banyan Tree in the world and the bustling street with much local colour and activity. The cruise ships bring thousands of visitors every week to Lahaina Town, in search of fantastic shopping and the experience of a Hawaiian Luau. There is also a wonderful show running in Lahaina called Ulalena, which tells the history of Maui with music and dance.

A visit to The Maui Ocean Centre, the nation’s largest tropical fish aquarium, is a great thing to do on a rare rainy afternoon. It was startling and awesome at the same time, to find ourselves in a glass tunnel with sharks swimming around us. Not far away on the road to Wailuku, you can visit the Maui Tropical Plantation and even stay for lunch in the restaurant which overlooks a beautiful lagoon. If you get to Wailuku it is worth a visit to the Iao Valley and see the Iao Needle, a high mountain peak which used to be a lookout for Hawaiian warriors.

A visit to Maui is not complete without travelling along the road to Hana. It is the journey, even more than the destination, that makes this trip so memorable. It is easily done in a day, however if you plan to go on to the Seven Sacred Pools you many want to consider renting a cottage or vacation home and stay the night in Hana before the jouney home.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Maui Travel Guide but want you to know that we have only shared a small sample of the many things to see and do on Maui. One thing we know for sure, is that even after 20 years we still have a lot more to experience in this magical island of love. That is why there is no doubt that “Maui No Ka Oi”, a saying fondly used by the locals, meaning Maui is the Best, is how we feel.

If you are planning a trip to Maui search for some Maui Vacation Rentals and rent directly from an owner.

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Caribbean Vacation for the Summer Vacation

Americans summer has always been the time to go out on holidays and enjoy the beach and the Sun. What could be a better place for that than the Caribbean Islands with their lovely beaches, blue waters and the most pleasant sun? In fact the Caribbean has been such a huge hit with American tourists that today the tourism industry is one of the biggest industries of the place.
There are numerous islands in the Caribbean, but some have been all-time favorites with the tourists. The biggest destinations are the islands of Anguilla, Aruba, Bahamas, Curacao and the British Virgin Islands. A visit to any of these islands will leave you with happy memories, you can hardly ever forget.
Bahamas has always been a very popular destination for the American tourists because of its proximity to the country. Still having a feel of the British colonial days in its buildings and architecture, the Bahamas is also very tropical in spirit. Known for its beautiful beaches pine forests, Bahamas is the perfect place to sit back and relax.
If you are in the Bahamas you should never miss the Rand Nature Center where you get to see the exact recreation of a Lucayan Village, which has everything, from the chieftain's house to the dwelling huts. And if you are a food freak you got to taste the local snacks from a Bahamian straw market.
The Atlantis Resort is located on Paradise Island, near Nassau in the formerly-British Bahamas just a hop from Florida.
The guidebook "Caribbean With Kids" calls the Atlantis on Bahamas "one of the most lavish properties in the entire Caribbean": which is saying something, considering what the region offers.
The Atlantis Bahamas grounds have waterfalls, streams, lagoons filled with sea creatures, underwater viewing areas: with 11 exhibit lagoons and 11 million gallons of water, the resort claims it has the "largest marine habitat in the world".
The world's largest marine habitat, the largest casion in the Bahamas (and the Caribbean), a 15 million dollar marina, lagoons, waterfalls and the underwater ruins of Atlantis itself....Atlantis Bahamas Resort has achieved a distinctive combination of comfort and adventure unlike any other vacation destination.
Atlantis on Bahamas is a deluxe high rise with 2300 rooms and casino situated on the beach. Three towers make up the complex, the Beach, Coral and the newest is Royal Towers.
One of the best family destinations in the Caribbean, Anguilla is famous for its neat beaches many of which are non-commercial. And of course you have the rare opportunity to share the waters with dolphins in Dolphin Fantaseas - one of the biggest attractions of Anguilla. Another place to b e in is Scilly Cay - which provides the perfect setting for barbecue and snorkeling. But the most special thing about Anguilla is her people. They are among the warmest in Caribbean and they go all the way to make you feel comfortable and at home
"One Cool Family" is the program organized by the Aruba government to pull in new tourists as well as bring back those who have already been to this lovely island. Such schemes emphasize how important tourism has become in these places and when the government is coming up with such ideas you can rest assure there would be enough effort to provide you with the finest holiday ever.
Apart from the exotic beaches and the clear blue seas other attractions of Aruba include Boca Prins, the perfect destination for dune sailing and land sailing. Of course there are arrangements for the regular activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.
Just two and half hour from Miami, Curacao is unlike any other Caribbean island. Of course it has got the beaches and the lovely seas, but this dominion of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is also special because of its diverse mix of history and culture. The experience you have at Curacao is, in that sense unique among the Caribbean islands. If yours is a family which is into adventure this can be the perfect destination as you can head for the Hato Caves to witness the amazing dry land sea caves complete with underground pools, cave drawings and fossils which date back to millions of years. But if you are more interested in just lying back and enjoying your vacation you can do that too while enjoying the best of Curacao culture that has a strong influence of the Dutch.
British Virgin Islands
Once a haven for the pirates, the British Virgin Islands is today the perfect place for diving and snorkeling. It also provides you with the very best opportunities to sail. And if you have been a fan of Stevenson's Treasure Island, you can actually see for yourself from where it was inspired - the Norman Island. With calm waters, swimming is also one of the favorite activities among tourists.

Author BioLena Hilltorp is a freelance publisher based in Sweden. She publishes articles and reports and provides Antlantis Bahamas resources on http://www.bahamasonline.org/
Article Source: http://www.articlegeek.com/ - Free Website Content

We invite you to leave your comments about vacationing in the Caribbean. If you are planning a Caribbean summer vacation and need accommodations try searching Caribbean Vacation Rentals and rent a home directly from an owner as an alternative to staying in a hotel.

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San Miguel de Allende Vacation Rentals

San Miquel de Allende vacation rentals are often located in old Haciendas or colonial homes in the center of one of Mexico's most picturesque and historic towns.
Step out of the front door of your holiday rental and find yourself on the charming cobbled streets of a by-gone era. Shop in the neighborhood for Mexican crafts, clothes and foods, or sample the many excellent restaurants that offer a wide choice of international cuisine.
Best of all - take an evening stroll in the delightful park El Jardin, where Mexican families gather to chat and play, sample the tasty snacks offered by local venders and listen to the musicians who perform nightly under the stars.
Later, when you are weary from a day of sight-seeing, you will only have a short walk back to your enchanting home away from home.
The nearby village of Dolores Hidalgo also offers wonderful vacation rentals and is the place to shop for beautiful talavera pottery. For an affordable and unforgettable vacation in Mexico, experience the magic of renting a hacienda or villa from an owner in or near San Miguel de Allende.

Find some vacation rentals in San Miguel de Allende

We welcome your suggestions of vacation rentals in and around San Miguel de Allende, so please leave a comment if you have any experiences to share with us.

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Amsterdam Canal House Self Catering Apartments

Noted for its canals and bridges, Amsterdam, in North Holland, is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, and one of the major tourist destinations in the Netherlands. One of the most unique things about Amsterdam are the many 17th century buildings, or canal houses which line the 4 major canals and offer comfortable accommodations to the weary traveler.

These canal houses, or merchant houses, were usually built as residences for wealthy citizens. Even though these heritage houses have been modernized inside during and since the 18th century, most of them still retain their old charm on the exterior. Today, the visitor to Amsterdam, can experience the city as a local, by staying in one of the many self catering apartments, that are found in these historic homes.

Imagine being able to enjoy sensational views of the canal from your home, and then step out of your door and stroll just a few paces to the famous Jordaan district of Amsterdam with its cafés, restaurants and hundreds of quaint boutiques for you to explore. One such place is called the Bosch apartment. This one is actually an entire canal house with four full floors and an outdoor patio area. The house has two bedrooms and will accommodation four people, which makes it very affordable if shared by two couples or a family.

Another is The Nostalgic Apartment, charmingly reminiscent of days gone by and located on the Runstraat, one of the famous “Nine Little Streets” well known for color and character, brimming with specialty shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants, all contributing to a lively nightlife.

Located in the Herengracht Canal House, is another holiday apartment called The Van Gogh. This lovely apartment features many unique amenities including a window seat overlooking the canal, a large modern open shower, and a spacious airy living room with two sleep sofas. The best part is that you will be within walking distance to the multitude of museums and galleries, which make Amsterdam a history and art lover’s dream. View masterpieces at the world famous Rifksmuseum, which houses the world’s largest collection of paintings by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt or visit the Van Gogh Museum or the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, or Nemo, a fascinating science museum. Also pay a visit to the Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank and seven other Jews spent two years in hiding, as related in her famous diary.

The Rembrandt, is in a gorgeous, historic canal house built in 1650 in one of the most picturesque locations in Amsterdam.
Formerly the home of the Amsterdam Society for Historic Restoration, it is located on the famous Herengracht Canal. A leisurely stroll will take you to Dam Square and many museums, as well as the well known Jordaan district.
The Rembrandt occupies the top three floors of the canal house and has three bedrooms with charming built-in cabinetry.

So consider choosing a self catering canal apartment during your stay in the historic city of Amsterdam. Advantages are many especially if compared to hotel accommodations. Most canal apartments can accommodate at least 4 people so it gives you the opportunity to share expenses with family and friends. It also allows you to choose to stay home and eat in, after a long, wonderful day of sight seeing. Imagine staying in a historic canal house in your own comfortable home away from home. You will never forget your Amsterdam vacation!

If you have stayed in a canal house in Amsterdam, we would love to hear your experiences so please leave a comment.

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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

When wanderlust grabs hold of your mind, spirit, and feet, making it difficult to concentrate on your daily chores and your usual routine, the best and only solution is to get out of town. If this is an especially strong case of the travel bug that you’ve contracted, it might be necessary to head not just away, but far away. Go somewhere exotic yet safe, unexpected yet enchanting, and capable of distracting you constantly with charms, comforts, and adventures alike.

Not too many places could meet all of these requirements, but at the top of this short list is a place to consider; Costa Rica. Venture down to this Central American hotspot for a trip that won’t disappoint, and consider booking a vacation rental to fully squeeze every drop of excitement and relaxation from this distinctive getaway.

Costa Rica is a place that will provide the opportunity for various thrills to be achieved on the water or in the diverse and beautiful terrain, yet it will also present situations of calm, peace, and if you desire it, luxury. Rough adventures are there to be had should you choose to take an eco-tour of the rainforest, a surfing lesson on a world class beach, or head underground to explore the depths of a cave. After such excursions, however, you may find yourself craving a good meal, a soft bed, and in general, a space to rest and nest. The abundance of vacation properties in Costa Rica make experiencing the full holiday experience a sure thing, so take a closer look at going this route.

Rentals come in all shape and size, so no matter how big your traveling group, how long you want to stay, and what your preferences are, you’ll find something that turns out to be a perfect fit. Perhaps you’ve heard about the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and want to check it out, or are interested in rafting down the Corobici River. There are also kayak tours of Lake Arenal and countless amazing beaches along either the Atlantic or Pacific coasts. While you may not have time to see and do it all, your vacation rental will provide a solid home base for your daily escapades. Venture off in any direction (within a two-three mile radius you’ll find all of the above) and relish the fact that each night you can return home to the same place, which will become homier by the day and increasingly more difficult to leave behind.

That’s right, the special details like hardwood floors and furnishings, granite countertops, a well-equipped kitchen and stunning views of the ocean will be welcome sights each time you glance around the place you were lucky enough to secure. The patio will become a popular spot for your group, as hanging out by the grill in a rainforest climate will never cease to confuse your senses in a funny, pleasant way. You’ll be able to fix meals in the comfort of your villa if everyone feels like enjoying a low-key night before winding things down with drinks and conversation as you watch the stars come out.

Costa Rica isn’t exactly a secret destination, so be prepared to encounter a number of tourist-filled areas. You’ll probably find that it’s worth it to follow the crowds to a few top attractions like Coco Beach and Barra Honda National Park, but if you seek peace and quiet as well, you’ll truly be glad that you chose to rent a vacation casa. With this set-up, you can trek to the well-traveled spots and then return to your well-designed refuge. You’ll also be able to see and do things that others will never know about as you explore the area surrounding your home away from home as well, so the spectrum of activities will stretch far and wide.

The constant tension between uncommon sights and the comforts of home will work together to make this a superior vacation, so go online to examine all the vacation property possibilities. While satisfying the urge to pack a suitcase and jet off to an exotic yet welcoming locale, it is also possible to do things a little differently than the average traveler. Set yourself apart by looking into www.a1vacations.com/Costa_Rica.htm Costa Rica vacation rentals by owner and have a wonderfully eye-opening trip.

Visit CyberRentals.com to peruse thousands of unique vacation rentals in locations all over the world.

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Please leave a comment if you can recommend any Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Why Choose Mexico Vacation Rentals?

The prospect of a vacation in Mexico conjures up many images including beautiful beaches, historic ruins, renowned diving or snorkeling locations, quaint villages, tropical jungles, breathtaking scenery and bustling cities, not to mention Mexican cuisine at its finest. With plenty of oceanfront condos, luxury villas, casitas and privately owned vacation homes to choose from, Mexico vacation rentals are perfect for family vacations, weddings or romantic getaways.

Destinations where you can find Mexico vacation rentals include romantic Puerto Vallarta, a classic Mexican fishing village located on the Baha de Banderas, the seventh largest bay in the world. Not only is Puerto Vallarta a prime location for weddings and honeymoons, but it is one of the friendliest and most diverse beach destinations in the world. Puerto Vallarta’s outer jungle areas, is also the location where the movie Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenetter, was filmed.
Even though Puerto Vallarta has all the modern conveniences of a resort town it has still managed to maintain its old Mexican charm, with the cobble stone streets, interesting architecture and quaint little shops. Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rentals offers some fine ocean view villas to rent by owner. Most of these villas have private pools, spectacular ocean views, and many other amenities left by the owner.

Mexico Vacation Rentals can also be found on the Baja peninsula also known as Baja California and Baja Sur. Popular vacation spots on the Baja include Cabo San Lucas, also a cruise ship port, Los Cabos and San Jose del Cabo. Baja vacation rentals for the most part include privately owned luxury villas and condominiums. Most of the villas have private pools and are located inside secure resorts. The condominiums for rent on the Mexican Baja are sometimes located right on the beach or have private balconies overlooking a magnificent ocean view.Most vacation homes offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals and if you rent from an owner in the Baja you can be assured of great service and amenities for a much more affordable holiday than if you were to stay in a hotel.

More Mexico vacation rentals can be found in Manzanillo. Manzanillo is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the state of Colima. An important shipping port and resort area, Manzanillo is also known as the "Sailfish Capital of the World" because of a popular tournament held annually for deep sea fishermen. The wonderful balmy climate and white sand beaches draw numerous visitors to this small city, and now there are a string of small hotels, condos and resorts lining Manzanillo's coast. The town itself is charming, with lots of shopping, restaurants and bars. The close communities of Santiago and Salagua are also becoming popular vacation destinations.

Yet more Mexico vacation rentals can be found on the historic Yucatan peninsula, where you can find fascinating Mayan ruins and historic architecture. Located in southeastern Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, the Yucatan state borders the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo. During your stay you can visit the state capital of Merida, and stroll down Paseo Montejo, the city's main avenue, which is lined with beautiful palaces, old buildings and 19th century mansions. In the surrounding area you can visit old henequen haciendas, many of which have been converted into luxurious hotels with museums, restaurants and spa services.It is impossible to leave the Yucatan without visiting the interesting Mayan ruins in the famous archeological zones such as Uxmal, Kabah, Labna, Sayil, Dzibilchaltun and Chichen Itza. Other notable sites include the Pyramid of Kukulcan, where you can witness the shadow image of a plumed serpent descend on the pyramid's stairs every spring equinox.Yucatan also offers beautiful natural environments, such as Celestun, the natural habitat for hundreds of pink flamingos, or Ria Lagartos, where you can go kayaking through the mangroves. Choose Yucatan Vacation Rentals by owner and enjoy the local sights from your home away from home.

The nearby island of Cozumel in the State of Quintana-Roo is a destination for people seeking a relaxing, laid back vacation that includes the island's world renowned diving or snorkeling its fabled coral reefs. Located just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, the island offers much more to the tourist that just being a diver's paradise. Amenities in Cozumel include great shops, many open bars, Mayan ruins and miles of deserted white sandy beaches are all part of the Isla Cozumel. Many sportfishing charter boats are also located in the small marina, just north of town.
Cozumel vacation rentals include villas and condos which you can rent directly from an owner. The safe and quiet Corpus Christi area of the island has villas to rent and most Cozumel condo rentals and other accommodations are located within a short distance of San Miguel, the only town on the island. There are good beaches just a short taxi ride away.Some of the villas and condos to rent in Cozumel are oceanfront or beachfront and many of them have pools and other great amenities. Try renting from an owner in Cozumel for a unique and unforgettable Mexican holiday.

In the state of Guanajuato, San Miquel de Allende vacation rentals are often located in old Haciendas or colonial homes in the center of one of Mexico's most picturesque and historic towns. Step out of the front door onto the charming cobbled streets of a by-gone era. Shop in the neighborhood for Mexican crafts, clothes and foods, or sample the many excellent restaurants that offer a wide choice of international cuisine. The nearby village of Dolores Hidalgo also offers wonderful vacation rentals and is the place to shop for beautiful talavera pottery. For an affordable and unforgettable vacation in Mexico, try renting a hacienda or villa from an owner in or near San Miguel de Allende.

Acapulco is a beach resort city in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico. An important vacation destination, Acapulco has a reputation of being the city that never sleeps and is also a magnet for the rich and famous, many of whom have vacation retreats in Acapulco. A diverse city, Acapulco offers the many benefits of a large city while at the same time retains the charm and character of a small town.
Vacation rentals in Acapulco include privately owned studios, villas, condos and apartments. Some of these rentals are beachfront or have wonderful views looking over Acapulco Bay. Try renting from an owner in Acapulco and you will find that not only will it be more affordable than a hotel, but you will have many more amenities at your fingertips to make your vacation in Acapulco a memorable one.
In Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, you will also find many condos and vacation rentals in secure, safe complexes. The state capital of Chilpancingo is also a major tourist destination.
Troncones, a small scenic village between Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo offers beachfront villas and vacation homes and from here you can enjoy the nearby communities and beaches. Try renting from an owner in Guerrero for a unique and memorable Mexican holiday.

In summary, from luxury accommodations to beachfront condos, to settings for a romantic wedding, or to family-friendly vacation homes, there’s a Mexico vacation rental that’s perfect for you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hawaii Vacation on Big Island of Hawaii Kohala Coast

This post is written by Pua from Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

Spend your best Hawaii vacation on Big Island’s Kohala Coast
It’s not the ‘Call of the Wild’ but it’s the ‘Call of Hawaii’, which has finally caught up with you. For one reason or another, you decided to spend your first Hawaii vacation on the Big Island. Maybe you heard that this is the only Hawaii Island where you can spend a day on sunny sandy white beaches and go skiing or sledding on top of snow-covered Mauna Kea later in the day or where one can experience the fireworks of a live volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?

Yes, this is true. Hawaii Big Island is not only the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands but it is the island of superlatives with adventures beyond the ordinary.
Kohala Coast - your next Hawaii vacation destination. Well, here you are planning your first Hawaii vacation on the Big Island and you just don’t know where to stay on this literally ‘big’ island despite of all the Big Island guidebooks you read and the many Big Island websites you cruised. The purpose of this article is introduce you to the unique beauty of the Kohala Coast and make you fall in love with this beautiful coast and its wonderful people during your Hawaii vacation, just as many visitors did before. Some even became residents as we did. Many more will follow in the years to come.

Does the sun always shine on the Kohala Coast? What are your associations with the word ‘Hawaii’? With me it was white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, beautiful weather all year round and of course, the ‘obligatory’ hula dancer! The typical image or cliché of Hawaii! Believe it or not, the Kohala Coast on the Big Island has it all. Most first time visitors to the Hawaiian Islands are not aware that climate and weather can vary on each island tremendously depending on location (east or west) and elevation.

Located on the dry west coast of the Big Island, north of the Kona Coast, the Kohala Coast provides the most stable weather throughout the year thus guarantying the first major component for your Hawaii vacation…sunshine! Well, now you could say why not stay in Kona, as you heard from friends whose cruise ship landed there that it’s beautiful and fun. Admittedly, it is but…it’s a tourist town, traffic in and out of town gets quite congested, beaches are smaller and more crowded and sometimes the ‘vog’ from the volcano can be bothersome, especially during hot summer months.

Where to stay on the Kohala Coast? The price conscious vacationer can find affordable Kohala Coast Vacation Rentals, vacation condos and luxury Kohala Coast Vacation Homes at different Kohala Coast locations like Waikoloa Village, Kawaihae, Kohala Ranch, Kohala Estate or Waimea. The only non-resort but ocean front location is Puako with many different ocean access spots. Puako has recently become one of the most desired areas on the Kohala Coast. See our Kohala Coast map for Kohala Coast resorts and hotels. Kohala Coast vacation rentals combine many of the amenities of a Kohala Coast hotel with the comfort and character of a beautiful Kohala Coast home to make your Hawaii vacation experience memorable and affordable. Rates of Big Island accommodations vary depending on location and amenities.

What to do on the Kohala Coast? There are no limits to your Kohala Coast activities Kohala Coast activities. Within short driving distances of your vacation home or hotel on the Kohala Coast, you can play golf at 9 championship courses, play tennis, go horseback riding, take a hike into spectacular valleys, explore the Pacific waters snorkeling & meeting tropical fish, rays, dolphins and turtles, go deep sea fishing or scuba diving or go boogie boarding…the Kohala Coast has something for everybody!

So, what do you think of the Kohala Coast? Please, come and see for yourself! Last but not least, don’t get taken by surprise when landing at Kona International Airport in the middle of barren moonscape lava fields. It does not seem to get any better when driving Highway 19 north to your Kohala Coast destination. We assure you palm trees, white sand beaches, blue green waves of the Pacific, hula dancers and Mai Tai are awaiting you. Welcome to the Kohala Coast of the Big Island!

Thankyou Pua for submitting this great article about the Kohala Coast. It is very informative and definitely has made us think that we may choose the Big Island of Hawaii for our next vacation.

We invite anyone who reads this article to leave their comments and experiences about the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Search for more Big Island of Hawaii Vacation Rentals at Ideal Vacation Rentals.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

California Mountain Cabin Rentals

Renting a California mountain cabin is a great way to experience one of the top vacation destinations in America and enjoy year round activities in the mountains. Some of these vacation cabins are located high in the California mountains, noted for the conventional four-season climate and outstanding Sierra beauty; all good reasons to rent a mountain cabin from an owner.
Staying in California mountain cabin rentals allows the California visitor to enjoy a wide variety of activities in affordable accommodations. From the High Sierra to the coastal range, California mountains are places to hike, camp, fish, white water raft, ski, and snowboard, drawing visitors all year round to the many scenic summits.

Choose from 25 individual Yosemite Mountain cabin rentals located in the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the Twain Harte/Pinecrest/Yosemite area. The cabins range from one bedroom to six bedrooms, offering perfect accommodation for your family summer holiday or that fishing trip with friends.

Consider booking a beautiful 2400 sq. ft. Pinecrest Area Vacation Cabin located in upscale Peter Pam/Cold Springs area. The area is just minutes drive to Pinecrest Lake, Dodge Ridge Ski Resort, and one hour to Yosemite. Enjoy fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking, and skiing during the year from your own retreat cabin.This cabin is fully furnished and beautifully decorated. Enjoy beautiful knotty pine interior upstairs, tiled kitchen, and five decks for your enjoyment. Create your own toboggan hill on our property during our snow season winter wonderland.

Why not plan to spend your next California fishing vacation at Shaver Lake and stay in a California mountain cabin rented from an owner. With so many attractions, you can often visit a lot of different places, saving time and money by staying in California mountain cabins.
California mountain cabins are a hot commodity, so don't waste anytime booking or you may be disappointed.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vancouver Island Vacation Rentals

If you are thinking of spending your vacation in British Columbia Canada, this year there are many reasons to consider visiting Vancouver Island.

BC's charming capital city of Victoria is the jewel of Vancouver Island. Victoria offers great shopping, quaint tea rooms and a stunning harbour surrounded by museums, parks, and world class dining and attractions. It's a great place from which to launch an unforgettable trip up-island. Victoria Vacation Rentals include many privately owned homes and condos in downtown Victoria and surrounding areas.

Vancouver Island is home to many friendly BC communities, nestled on long sandy beaches or protected bays. Go beach combing, whale watching or sportfishing. Ideal Vacation Rentals on Vancouver Island include ocean-view and oceanfront rentals, beach homes, condos and cottages as well as many bed and breakfast accommodations. Enjoy the ultimate island get-away this summer and choose from Vancouver Island Vacation Rentals.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Bed and Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

Everyone has heard the term Bed and Breakfast, but how many people know the origin of this increasingly popular form of accommodation? In actual fact this practice has existed in some form or another since the beginning of man, when monasteries used to offer rooms to weary travellers.

In Europe prior to the 20th century, country travellers would often spend the night in a private home rather than stay in an inn or hotel. Since there was still a class distinction in those days, it was protocal that bed and breakfast accommodations were only offered to someone with the same social rank. For example a doctor, would stay with a doctor or pharmacist, and a nobleman with other local gentry.

North America also has a history of bed and breakfast, dating to the time of the early settlers, when pioneers sought a safe refuge as they travelled across the country. In the Great Depression it was common for people to open their homes to traveller as a means to make some extra money. In Australia, bed and breakfast is often synonomous with the the term "farm stay", where travellers can actually rent a room in a house located on a working farm.

Today bed and breakfast is offered around the world and often the guest rooms are located in older historic homes which have been renovated and decorated with antique furniture.

In England and other European countries bed and breakfasts are often in converted farm houses, in the countryside. Read Converted Farmhouse Holiday Rental in France.

Bed and Breakfast offers a safe, pleasant, low cost stay and is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for vacation accommodations throughout the world. Those who prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel, are often attracted by the recreational, cultural or historical amenities of the area, which in many cases may be "off the beaten path" away from the city hotels.

Imagine if you will. Upon arriving at your destination, you are greeted warmly by the owner and treated almost like an old friend. You are immediately helped from your car and brought indoors to meet your hosts and tour their home.
No looking all over town to have breakfast, because your hosts have prepared a beautifully presented and sumptuous breakfast for you and your family.

Travellers who choose bed and breakfast for their vacation accommodations say that they have met and made so many friends and acquaintances during their wonderful stays at bed and breakfast inns worldwide.

It is becoming the best way to holiday for thousands of tourists, and is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Bed and Breakfast Worldwide

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gone Fishing At Shaver Lake

Remember the days when a shop owner used to put up the sign "Gone Fishing" when he needed some good old fashioned R & R? Somehow those two words always conjure up in my imagination a lazy summer day, sitting by a serene, peaceful lake, away from life's everyday routines and stress. Shop owner or not, we all need this escape now more than ever in order to stay sane in today's busy world with its overload of "new" technology. Let's just get back to the basics and stay in a rustic cabin by a lake with no cell phone, no computer, no TV, no traffic! Just peace and quiet. There are many such fishing cabins in the United States, but the one we are going to feature today is Shaver Lake. Find some Shaver Lake Cabin Rentals. I have heard via the grapevine, that Shaver Lake California is one of the most popular lakes within the Sierra National Forest. Not only is it a great lake for fishing, but for the outdoor enthusiast, the area offers hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking and other summer activities. It is also is a great area for winter skiing and snowmobiling at the nearby Sierra Summit Ski Resort. For more information visit the website for the Shaver Lake Chamber of Commerce. Choose Shaver Lake Cabin Rentals for your next "Gone Fishing" escape.

If you have a cabin to rent at Shaver Lake or if you have some information or experiences to share with us about the area, we would love to hear your comments.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Will Hawaii Vacation Rentals Benefit from the new Superferry

There has been much controvery surrounding the Hawaii Superferry, scheduled to start service July 1, 2007, between the islands of Oahu, Maui and Kauai with added service to the Big Island in 2009. Arguments opposing the new ferry range from environmental issues associated with the harbors, possible travel of invasive species from island to island, concern over the saftety of the seasonal humpback whales and the potential for illegal drug traffic to move between islands. Information available on the Super Ferry Web Site shows that these issues are being addressed, and also the state senate bill approving an Environment Impact Study to go ahead, will also address these problems.
My question on this blog is Will Hawaii Vacation Rentals benefit from the superferry?
It is very likely that the locals might use the new super ferry more than tourists to the islands. Imagine if you are a crafts person, and live in Oahu, Maui or Kauai. The new super ferry will enable you to load up your van with all your goods and travel to one of the neighboring islands to attend craft fairs and swap meets. You probably will not choose to stay in a hotel because of the expense so chances are you will decide to search Hawaii Vacation Rentals, and rent from an owner for a more affordable accommodation. If you are a trades person and work is slow on Kauai, the ferry will enable you to put all your tools and equipment into your vehicle and take a job on Oahu, where there may be more opportunities for work. Perhaps your job will take a month or more so you may search for Oahu Monthly Vacation Rentals for great rates. Many local families like to get away to a different island for their vacations. The ferry will enable them to put their luggage, surf boards, pets, baby seats, cooler and other vacation necessities into their car with no airport hastle or picking up a rental car at their destination. Renting from an owner provides affordable accommodations on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.

It may just be that the Hawaii Super Ferry will stimulate the local economy more than benefit tourists. A reason for this is the cheap interisland flights now available through Go, Hawaiian and Aloha airlines. Most tourists are only on the islands for a couple of weeks so may opt for a flight over a longer ferry ride. There are of course the snowbirds who come to Hawaii to escape the cold winters of Canada and the Northern US. The new super ferry might appeal to these "Kama aina" tourists, as they will have more time to explore the other islands. More than likely these snowbirds will opt for Hawaii Vacation Rentals over hotels for accommodations on the islands.

We invite you to express your opinion on today's topic. Will Hawaii Vacation Rentals Benefit from the new Superferry?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Converted Farmhouse Holiday Rental in France

Did you know that there are many historic farmhouses in France that have been converted into beautiful holiday rentals, ideal for family vacations in the French countryside? Today we are featuring Chez Blaireau (house of the badger), a secluded, peaceful, and very private, tastefully converted 18c Charentaise farmhouse set in 2 acres of secluded woodland garden backing onto a small stream.

Imagine a house with 5 large bedrooms and an extensive fully fitted kitchen with seating for 14 people. Having your own kitchen can be a great money saver while on your family holiday in France, but if you are sick of cooking, the owners can offer varied cuisine from South East Asian and Indian through to most European. The house also boasts a massive salon with an attractive mezzanine floor and even though you are in the French countryside, satellite TV will keep you in touch with the rest of the world.

Outside, there is a 14m pool with 2 showers and WC. This pool is for your EXCLUSIVE USE. The garden boasts extensive fruit trees amongst which are cherry, plum, fig, pear, peach and damson. Just help yourselves! Beyond the lawn is the marais, where there are numerous species of birds including storks, falcons, cranes, golden oreoles and hoopoes. Children's climbing frames and a large lawn for the young ones to play on make Chez Blaireau a great place for your family holiday in France.

Should you wish to take a "joy-ride" in a light aeroplane, then the owner, a professional pilot, can provide this pleasure too. The area will unfold beneath you for a fabulous experience to take home. The aerial photos will be a lasting memory.

Local markets are held at least weekly in Rochefort(3 times weekly), St Savinien, Saintes and La Rochelle- to name but a few. The local village is 1.5 km or 20 mins walk and boasts an excellent boulangerie. If you have any questions about local happenings, the owners, who live only 12 miles away will be happy to advise you.

How do you get to this unique holiday rental in south west France? Chez Blaireau is easily accessed from the channel ports or by low-cost airlines to Poitiers, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Nantes. OR, the cheapest way we can find, SPEEDFERRIES from Dover to Boulogne. Trans-Atlantic flights arrive at Paris and Bordeaux.
For more information go to: Charente Maritime Farmhouse Holiday Rental

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Canadian Summer Vacation at Paradise Cottages in Georgian Bay Ontario

Paradise Cottages are a perfect choice for a Canadian summer family beach vacation. What makes them even a better choice is that you are renting from an owner. Read about Vacation Rentals By Owner.

Balm Beach located in the shores of majestic Georgian Bay offers gorgeous sandy beaches and clear shallow water that are excellent for activities for the entire family. The water is shallow for many feet, as it deepens quite gradually. This makes it perfect for children, and adults find it ideal for watersports.

In addition to the countless leisure activities that the beach and water offer, you may rent a paddle boat for some extra enjoyment under the sun.
Paradise cottages have either two or three bedrooms for your family vacation and there are also one bedroom cabins for singles or a couple.

Southern Georgian Bay is one of the most scenic and historic areas in Canada. Close to some excellent dive locations with many historic wrecks to explore make the area a diver's paradise. The cottages are also close to Georgian Bay Islands National park with many picnic areas, view points, hiking/walking trails, canoeing, kayaking, cycling etc.

So if you are planning a family summer beach vacation in Canada, consider renting from the owner of Georgian Bay Paradise Cottages for an unforgettable holiday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Okanagan Vacation Rentals

Okanagan Lake Penticton, British Columbia The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia is becoming one of the most sought after destinations for memorable vacations with family or friends. Over the last few years many Okanagan vacation rentals have sprung up in this area, famed for its sunny weather, pristine lakes, beautiful beaches, cottage wineries, and some of the best recreational opportunities on the continent. This all seasons playground offers hiking, mountain biking, boating, water sports for summer activities, and skiing in winter. In Penticton, home to Ironman Canada, you will find many vacation rentals which are ideal for families who want a laid back beach vacation away from the stress of city life. A glorious 20 minute drive through orchards, vineyards, and many cottage wineries will take you to the charming village of Naramata, where you will find many more Okanagan vacation rentals. Osoyoos to the south, also has a lot of vacation rentals to offer, or if you travel north from Penticton, you will come to Summerland, Peachland and Kelowna all great locations for Okanagan vacation rentals.

If you have not yet discovered the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, put it at the top of your list for great places to visit.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Africa Vacation in a Tiwi Beach Holiday Cottage

Tiwi Beach is one of the remaining non-commercial beaches in the Southern Coast of Kenya, which extends from the bustling port city of Mombasa down to Tanzania. Here you will find a charming holiday beach cottage to let by the owner. This fully equipped Tiwi Beach holiday cottage, is located on a shared property and comprises two floors. It features a master bedroom with a four-poster 'Lamu' style bed, and its own upstairs verandah. There is also a room downstairs with two single beds and a separate toilet/shower so the cottage can comfortably accommodate 4 people. There is a fully-equipped kitchen including a fridge, cooker, and microwave, for you to prepare your own meals.
Enjoy the lovely swimming pool, along with the pristine beach with access to beach bars, surfing, diving, and other water sports. Nearby are coral pools accessible during low tide where various marine creatures can be viewed at close quarters.

Located on the Indian Ocean, the gorgeous community of Tiwi Beach offers peace and tranquility to the weary traveler. The beaches are bordered by lush green coastal rainforests with prolific bird life and a variety of wildlife including baboons, rare colobus monkey and even leopard. As a contrast a very vibrant night life is only 15 minutes drive away at the more well known but 'commercial' Diani Beach.

Also close to this Tiwi Beach holiday cottage is the famous Forty Thieves Beach Bar, Ali Bharbours Cave Restaurant and many others, world class 18-hole Championship Golf Course and old towns with medieval streets and bustling markets.
Inland, the fertile hinterland of Kwale District consists of small villages inhabited by the Wakamba, Digo and Duruma tribes.

Further south, the small fishing village of Shimoni is home to a series of deep mysterious coastal caves. Shimoni is also an excellent base for big game fishing in the waters of the Pemba Channel.
For your next vacation in Kenya, Africa, consider booking this Tiwi Beach Holiday Cottage, as your home away from home as you explore this fascinating area.

We invite you to leave a comment if you have anything to share with us about an Africa vacation in Tiwi Beach or area.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hawaii Legislature SB750 Regarding Transient Accommodation Taxes

The following request was sent by one of our Hawaii owners regarding SB 750. Please read this if you are a Hawaii vacation rental owner as it will impact all owners in the state of Hawaii should it be passed. If you have a rental in another part of the world, you still may want to support this issue and fax letters. If vacation rental owners band together as a strong voice, there will be enough precedents set, worldwide which will help to dissolve any future issues. Please read the sample letter as presented below and the examples of points you can make in your letter. There are fax numbers below for faxing your letters, so that your voices can be heard.

We are getting the word direct from the sources at the capitol that SB 750 (which allows the State to give TAT (transient accommodation tax) information to the County for the purpose of seeking non permitted TVRs(transient vacation rentals) and B&Bs) may be shelved. There is a debate right now on whether to continue with hearings. http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/
They were impressed with the number of letters sent by us for the last hearing. However, our opponents are writing letters right now to the WAM (Ways and Means Committee) supporting this bill. These opponents are mainly the County and pals of Keep it Kailua.
We have to do the same with a carload of letters from our side, but Opposing this bill. We have to show there are more of us. Politicians count votes.
This committee is very powerful and is about economics and environment. Keep to this subject. Write: "I am against (or opposed) to SB 750" in your First sentence. Make it just a few sentences. Please sign name, and give address. I have written a "Sample" letter for all of you. You can copy the letter below and insert one or more of the following sentences after the first sentence.
Then fax to each of the Committee Members below. These must be received by Wednesday!!! No later!!! We are hoping that the influx of letters will cause them to throw out this Bill.

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker, Chairperson
Senate Ways and Means Committee
FAX 586-6071 REF: SB 750

Dear Senator Baker,
I am opposed to Senate Bill SB 750 . It is an invasion of privacy to share state tax information with the County. We want to continue to work with the City and County to create a positive environment through regulations, instead of a hostile environment between neighbors in the communities.

Your Name
City, State Zip Code
Phone number

Some of the points to include after the first sentence....
· We want to continue to work with the City and County to create a positive environment through regulations, instead of a hostile environment between neighbors in the communities. · Economically, it will also benefit the small businesses in the communities.
· By working with the City and County, we can control impact with off street parking, permit fees and taxes.
· By passing this bill, you will only benefit a small group. Their only attitude, I win, you lose!
· It is a waste of money in litigations. Catching someone is only half of the problem.
· To put this bill into place will take a year of tax dollars, public hearings and set ups for all four counties.
· Senior citizens who have B&BS will be economically independent and able to stay in their homes. This bill does nothing for them. This is an impossible task.

There is no way to determine from a TAT license who is renting for less than 30 days. Why would the State want to risk losing millions in tax revenues by eliminating such a lucrative tourist industry? Please write for your friends and families. Have them okay and sign the letters. Individual letters count. Include your telephone numbers and addresses. Just reword or make a few points in each letter. They will count the letters and note the first sentence.
Save your letters because if they do decide to have a hearing they will need to be sent again. Be prepared to attend if a hearing is announced. I hope that we will intimidate them enough with our letters that they shelve this bill. Our first line of defense for killing this Bill is our voices, being heard through letters. Note that we have included a fax to the Governor.
If you want a letter written for you to sign let me know.
Below are the names and faxes. Please include title of Chair for Senator Baker and Vice Chair for Senator Tsutsui. All others address as Senator, name and member of Ways and Means Committee.
Governor Linda Lingle- FAX-586-0006
Senator Rosalyn H. Baker- Chair- FAX-586-6071
Senator Shan S. Tsursui- Vice Chair- FAX-586-7348
Senator Chun Oakland-FAX-586-6131
Senator J. Kalani English-FAX-587-7230
Senator Carol Fukunaga-FAX-586-6899
Senator Gary L. Hooser-FAX- 586-6031
Senator Donna Mercado Kim-FAX-587-7205
Senator Ron Menor-FAX-586-6829
Senator Jill N. Tokuda-Fax-587-7220
Senator Paul Whalen-FAX-586-9391

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bill to Control Maui Vacation Rentals Shelved

In today's Maui News, February 16th, the following article is of great interest to owners of Maui Vacation Rentals, but also to vacation rental owners in other parts of the world who are fighting similar battles with their city councils.

"WAILUKU – A long-debated bill to regulate vacation rentals was killed Thursday by the County Council Planning Committee, after committee members agreed the proposal on the table just didn’t have enough community support.
The proposed bill sought to establish standards and policies for vacation rentals and bed-and-breakfasts, and to clarify and streamline permitting procedures." Read More

Oahu vacation rental owners have been facing similar problems discussed in detail in New Hawaii Bills For Vacation Rentals. The good news is that for now the issue in Maui has been shelved, and they have decided that because some of the county districts such as Hana, Molokai and Lanai were disappointed because they did not get a chance to express their views on vacation rentals, that the next draft should accommodate their preferences as well.

The article ends on an encouraging note by David Dantes of the Maui Vacation Rental Association who agreed that the policy needs more study. He says "I'm hoping that in future discussions everyone can look at the issues and problems from one side." and further "We all want to be happy. We all want to live together, and we need to find ways of doing that."

We encourage your comments on this article. So for now Maui Vacation Rentals are alive and well!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scam Targeting Owners of US Vacation Rentals

Scam artists have not yet given up on attempts to try their luck at sending fraudulant cashier's checks to vacation rental owners.
While many of our owners can usually indentify these scams there are still cases of owners who have almost been out of pocket. Even experienced owners who have been renting their homes for years, sometimes are taken in by some of the more cleverly written ones.
We recently sent a warning to our members regarding an email sent to some of our owners of United States vacation rentals. The content of this very suspicious inquiry was as follows:

I will want to rent this house for friends who will bestaying there for thierhoneymoon ,it's my gift to them since iwont beable to attend thier wedding,3rd march-18 march 2007 is the expected time frame,please advice.
Dr Stanley Stanford."

One of our owners of a vacation rental in Humacao Puerto Rico wrote us the following letter relating an experience that he would like to share with us:

"I think it is great that Ideal Vacation Rentals is sending warnings of scams. Better to have warnings than problems or even inconveniences from these. I have a fraudulent $5000 check pinned to my wall which came from Africa but was drawn on a bank in Indiana. It looks most convincing. The preceding correspondence was convincing for awhile as well.
Renters should all work together to defeat these scams. I applaud your effort. Here's the version of your noted scam that reached me. I'd played "tennis" with these guys this week, before deciding they were up to something. Note the reference to credit card payment, when I gave up on them I believe they were about to change to a check payment, but it began to smell bad, so I dropped out.
You may post this to your blog if you like.
Jim Meighan"

The following is the scam that he almost fell for:

I enquire for reservations for 3 couples coming for their honey moon at your property,I would like you to get back to me with the following.
1. The availability of the dates
2. The Daily cost for the required dates
3. The total cost for the lenght of their stay.
4. Do you accept credit card payment.
5.the total cost of the 3 rooms for 15 days. The arrival date for the couples will be 31st May and they will depart on 15th june 2007 ,

Their stay will last for 15 days. do get back to me with the requirements as stated above.

Kindest Regards,
Dr.Kevin Doyle
Mobile:+44 70457 07507
Voice Msg:+447005938339"

In conclusion just remember not to ever send any money back as a refund, unless you are sure that the original check has cleared the bank. For frequently asked questions on this topic read Internet Fraud Targets Vacation Rental Industry.

Please comment on this blog if you have similar stories to share with us.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Puerto Rico for Vacation Rentals

On Januay 23, 2007 the US. Department of Homeland Security declared that U.S. citizens traveling by air between the U.S., and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to present a valid U.S. passport. However, U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands will not be affected by these new security measures because they are part of the U.S. Commonwealth. Analysts say as a result Puerto Rico will likely experience a jump in bookings with losses expected elsewhere. Many people who don’t want to wait for passports are heading to Puerto Rico for the perfect vacation (in vacation rentals).

The island offers just about everything, from sandy beaches, golf, water sports, night life, shopping and hiking in the island’s mountainous interior. The waves off the coast attract surfers from around the world and the deep sea fishing and scuba diving are excellent. The waters around the island offer an abundance of caves, coral reefs and deep trenches to explore.

There are many vacation rentals available in Puerto Rico, and a few different places to visit including San Juan, El Yunque, Vieques Island and many beaches such as Loiza Beach, and Luquillo. San Juan is the capital and largest city on the island and Isla Verde is the “Las Vegas” of San Juan, with its resorts, restaurants and nightlife. In contrast, old San Juan is the historic district containing over 400 restored buildings and is partially surrounded by 17th century walls. Old San Juan is very pleasant to visit and to take a stroll, with its small cafes, shops and balconied houses.

El Yunque is well known for its natural attractions and is the only rain forest in the United States, located in the Luquillo Mountains. This area hosts 240 species of tropical trees, and through its forests offers miles of different hiking trails. In this area not to be missed are the awesome caves at Rio Cumay. Ideal Vacation Rentals offers a two bedroom Rainforest Vacation Home located on 5 acres of the foothills of the northern part of El Yunque.

About seven miles east of the big island of Puerto Rico lies Vieques, an island with about 9,300 inhabitants and famous for its white sand beaches. From the second World War until 2003, 2/3 of the long island was controlled by the United States military forces, however much of the government owned land is now leased for cattle grazing.

The best natural attractions on the island just may be the beaches, which are the reason many people visit. A vacation rental on or near the coast gives you the opportunity to experience some of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is rich with sandy beaches and Luquillo
Beach is the island’s best and most popular public stretch of sand. Luquillo beach is about 30 miles from San Juan and is known for its beautiful white sand and lagoon containing crystal water, making it ideal for families. Consider this Luquillo Penthouse Condo for your next visit to Puerto Rico.
If you have any suggestions for a vacation rental in Puerto Rico, we invite you to comment on this blog.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Valentine's Special At Florida Cape San Blas Vacation Home

In honour of St. Valentine's Day, this Florida Cape San Blas vacation home is offering a special for the whole of February. Take advantage of these great rates (only $700/week) and enjoy a romantic, peaceful get-a-way with your sweetheart.

This Cape San Blas vacation home has wonderful views of Gulf and St. Joseph's Bay.
Cape San Blas is a narrow strip of land jutting out into the Gulf, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and St. Joseph's Bay on the other.

This affordable vacation home is professionally furnished and decorated, almost new, and has a view of the Bay from one deck and of the Gulf from the other deck. It is in a secluded area with no high-rises or "bright lights". The house is completely furnished including linens, well equipped kitchen with more than ample cooking utensils and dinner service for 12. The three bedroom home rental has accommodations including one king size bed, one queen bed and queen size sofa bed in living room. There is a recliner for "the man of the house".
For those interested in golf the home is conveniently located close to St. Joseph's Bay Country Club.
To see more information and photos and to take advantage of this Valentine's Special go to Cape San Blas Vacation Home.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Barbados Beachfront Vacation Condo

Following our blog about a vacation rental guest book, being the Best Vacation Travel Guide we received terrific feedback from owners telling about all the wonderful comments in their guest books. One of the owners has a beachfront vacation condo in Barbados, a place we would like to feature today for anyone looking for a Barbados Vacation Rental.
Situated in Holetown on the fashionable west coast, this one bedroom beachfront luxury condo has a spacious living/dining room and fully equipped kitchen with microwave, toaster, coffee maker etc. There is a full bathroom with dressing area, and maid service is included.

A large comfortably furnished balcony overlooks the beach and calm Caribbean, providing fabulous views both day and night. Outside there is a tropical garden and freshwater pool. The condo is conveniently located and is only a four minute walk to shopping centre, bars, restaurants, banks. CAR NOT NEEDED! It is 28 km from the airport and close to all tourist attractions. More info

The comment below from the owner of this home, contains quotes from actual guests who have stayed in this wonderful Barbados Beachfront Vacation Condo.

"We have found our guest book to be an absolutely wonderful "selling" asset, - folks read the comments from previous visitors and after dozens and dozens of "thanks for sharing your home with us" and "what an absolutely perfect location, we have never stayed anywhere as near to the sea before, and we will certainly come back again" plus comments such as -"we had a real ball, and can't wait to tell our friends what a super spot you have - you are so lucky to spend so much time there" etc. - plus "what wonderful people we met, how kind and helpful every one was and how well we were looked after" etc. etc. no wonder that prospective guests feel secure in the idea of spending a holiday at condo #1, - one family who were booked in from our ad on Ideal Vacation Rentals - was the Thomas family - they sent us an email which said in part "What can we say - A FANTASTIC time. Condo was excellent, weather hot, people really friendly. The island was more than we expected. THANK YOU more than ever for giving us our dream holiday. We would certainly recommend it to anyone" - so do read our guestbook on our website at http://www.barbados-beachfront.com/ - it is really informative and it is fantastic to get such great 'feedback" from visitors."
What better advertising can you get than the experiences of real guests!!

Friday, February 2, 2007

New Hawaii Bills for Vacation Rentals

Please read this if you own a vacation rental anywhere on the Hawaiian Islands as it affects all vacation rental owners in the state of Hawaii.

Vacation rental owners need to know:
These two bills just came to the attention of a few vacation rental owners late last night (at the closing of the Kailua Neighborhood Board meeting). Apparently we have today in order to submit as much written testimony as possible and to rally people to attend an 8:30 a.m. hearing Saturday morning.

1. State representative Pono Chongs House Bill (HB) 1603
HB-1603 - Relating to Transient Accomodations
Requires each county to assess the extent of proliferation of illegal bed and breakfast establishments and other illegal transient vacation rentals and create a countywide plan to deal with illegal actiites and report to the legistlature. Bill also requires counties to increase enforcement.

This bill is scheduled for a hearing at 8:30 a.m., FEBRUARY 3 in ROOM 325. ALL TESTIMONY IS DUE IN BY FEBRUARY 02, 007.

2. State Senator Fred Hemmings Senate Bill (SB) 1295
SB1295: relating to Visitor Accomodations. Authorizes the state and counties to determine a finite number of visitor accomodations of all types (hotel rooms, B&B's, TVA's and time shares), to issue a state license and to fine illegally operating rental units. This legislation would not peempt any existing county zoning laws or ordinances regulating the maximum number zoned and allowed by each county. This will stabilize the total number of visitors on the islands at one time and the counties will need to address the carrying capacity for reach county. In no way will this legistlation supercede county rules and regulations and home rule. Operators of legal rental units will see increased demand and productivity since there will be a finite number of accomodations. The laws of supply and demand will work to the advantage of the industry's productivity.

Fax written testimony to: 586-6501 Cover page should include the following, To: House of Rep. Sergeant of Arms, Attention Committee for Tourism and Culture, Vice Chair Tom Brower, HB 1603, Hearing Feb 3, 2007,8:30 AM, Rm 325.

Vacation rental owners/supporters are asked to make an appearance Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Capital building, Rm 325 at 8:30 AM.

Visit the following website for more information on this issue: http://www.kokuacoalition.com/