Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Cheap Eats in St. Maarten

Many thanks to Roberta, aka The Villa Lady for this article about St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a free port with the price of alcohol cheaper than milk or juice. Shopping for food on the island is not a problem. If you are American and wish to stay away from being charged in Euros, make sure you shop on the Dutch side of the island. There are some excellent food markets and wholesale centers. There is a Cost-u-less which is similar to our Costco and Sam’s Club. I even think they get the merchandise from the warehouse stores in the states. The meats and vegetables are usually quite good and fresh. I think the best place to shop is the Grand Marche at the round-about going into Phillipsburg.

Inexpensive restaurants that have good food and are very informal are not hard to find.
When I am on the island, I enjoy my first night at Lal’s which is a small Indian food restaurant just across the street from the old airport building. The old airport building is gone not but I do not think you will miss Lal’s. The chicken and spinach is delicious and the Nan is great. Good drinks at reasonable prices too!

We also like Marty’s Gyro. He has simple good food that is well priced. The gyros are great, the fried fish is great and you can watch the latest ball game while you eat. Marty’s is next to the Dolphin Casino in Simpson Bay. Simple food, simple setting but very enjoyable. Consider taking the gyros home if you want to eat on your own terrace in one of my villas.

Do you like a good pizza? Right in Simpson Bay you will find Pizza Galley. It is across the street from the Royal Palm Hotel. They serve a thin crust pizza. There is a great choice of toppings. Watch out for spicy sausage and pepperoni. Don’t order that if spice bothers you.
We had the best all you can eat ribs just next door to the Pizza Galley at the Lady C. Lovely waitresses and really great ribs. It is also a Floating Bar. Try it. You will not be sorry. The ribs are a do not miss.

Try our recommendations and please leave your comments if you know of other inexpensive recommendations for the island.
Roberta Valins aka the Villalady


  1. Hey Roberta,

    Those are some good examples of cheap eats on the Dutch side. Also, not to forget in Simpson Bay: Hilma's Windsor Castle for a local taste, and Taco Macho for great inexpensive homemade Mexican food.

    If you want to step up a notch and have a sit-down dinner that won't break the bank, go to the DineSXM website to find St. Maarten and St. Martin restaurants sorted by price.

    This link will take you to restaurants for people on a budget.


  2. great tips on places to go to for good cheap eats. if you have time, please do check out our site and nearby places. we offer good deals as well. :)

    -sabrina cortez

  3. This is a fine blog you have written about the things going on in St Maarten and the cost of living . you make it seem as if the cost of living is very cheap on the island and has some of the best food in the world. Certainly sounds a lot healthier than what people eat in the United States