Monday, April 9, 2007

Bed and Breakfast for Your Next Vacation

Everyone has heard the term Bed and Breakfast, but how many people know the origin of this increasingly popular form of accommodation? In actual fact this practice has existed in some form or another since the beginning of man, when monasteries used to offer rooms to weary travellers.

In Europe prior to the 20th century, country travellers would often spend the night in a private home rather than stay in an inn or hotel. Since there was still a class distinction in those days, it was protocal that bed and breakfast accommodations were only offered to someone with the same social rank. For example a doctor, would stay with a doctor or pharmacist, and a nobleman with other local gentry.

North America also has a history of bed and breakfast, dating to the time of the early settlers, when pioneers sought a safe refuge as they travelled across the country. In the Great Depression it was common for people to open their homes to traveller as a means to make some extra money. In Australia, bed and breakfast is often synonomous with the the term "farm stay", where travellers can actually rent a room in a house located on a working farm.

Today bed and breakfast is offered around the world and often the guest rooms are located in older historic homes which have been renovated and decorated with antique furniture.

In England and other European countries bed and breakfasts are often in converted farm houses, in the countryside. Read Converted Farmhouse Holiday Rental in France.

Bed and Breakfast offers a safe, pleasant, low cost stay and is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for vacation accommodations throughout the world. Those who prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel, are often attracted by the recreational, cultural or historical amenities of the area, which in many cases may be "off the beaten path" away from the city hotels.

Imagine if you will. Upon arriving at your destination, you are greeted warmly by the owner and treated almost like an old friend. You are immediately helped from your car and brought indoors to meet your hosts and tour their home.
No looking all over town to have breakfast, because your hosts have prepared a beautifully presented and sumptuous breakfast for you and your family.

Travellers who choose bed and breakfast for their vacation accommodations say that they have met and made so many friends and acquaintances during their wonderful stays at bed and breakfast inns worldwide.

It is becoming the best way to holiday for thousands of tourists, and is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

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