Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mexico Vacation Rentals

Attention Owners of Vacation Rentals in Mexico
Ideal Vacation Rentals is pleased to announce our excellent placements on google searches for your area for Mexico vacation rentals. In order to celebrate we would like to offer you a 14 month listing for our annual rate if you list by August 15/2008. Our standard listing is only $105 US per year, and a deluxe listing with 9 photos is only $145 US per year and you will receive 2 free months on top of that for a total of 14 months. We also have discounted rates if you list 3 or more properties with us. If you decide to list please fill out our listing form and then send an email to saying that you saw this offer on the Ideal Vacation Rentals Blog.

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Guerrero Vacation rentals - 5th
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San Miguel de Allende Vacation Rentals 7th
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Our most impressive search result is for the key words vacation rentals - We place 13th out of 57,400,000 results
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Future of Maui Short Term Vacation Rentals

After much controvercy surrounding Transient Vacation Rentals in Maui it looks like legislation is now being sought to end the TVR mess. As reported in Maui News, Sunday, March 9, "Owners of Maui's embattled bed-and breakfast and short term vacation rental businesses appeared hopeful Saturday, buoyed after a Maui Chamber of Commerce sponsored workshop, meant to find solutions for an industry faced with going out of business." read more

It appears that the vacation rentals in question on Maui are those in residential areas, outside of hotel/resort districts and not those already deemed to be legal. It is high time that this matter is being seriously addressed. Most of the vacation rentals in question are owned by local residents who have for years, rented out an ohana or bed and breakfast accommodation to supplement limited income.

It seems that the county's current Mayor has taken it into her own hands, to close down those vacation rentals deemed "illegal" without first thoroughly researching the situation. The arguments that she uses for her actions include the so called negative impact of vacation rentals on neighborhoods, and reducing the county's stock of long term vacation rentals. It does not appear that a study has even been done that addressed the first argument, and if is such a negative impact on neighborhoods, why have owners been able to operate short term rentals and bed and breakfasts for up to 40 years with no serious complaints. One owner stated that he tried numerous times to apply for a permit but was turned down by the planning department. Regarding the mayor's second argument, most people who do vacation rentals, would not rent their places out long term because of the wear and tear of this kind of rental on a home, so when she mentions that the stock of long term rentals has been reduced this is false representation, since it was never there to begin with.
Does the mayor not realize how huge the tourism industry is in Maui? There is a real need for vacation rentals so that visitors to this beautiful island can have an affordable vacation. Not everyone can afford the minimum $500 per night in the big hotels. No the hotels don't suffer because that is a different market altogether. They cater more to conventions, corporate accommodations and wealthy people who don't have to worry about saving money on eating in expensive restaurants.
The recommendations that were put forth at the meeting seem to be a good start to putting the vacation rentals in question, back on the Maui accommodation map.
Please leave your comments on this issue. And please do leave a link to your Maui Vacation Rental.
In the meantime try these links if you are going on a Maui vacation and don't want to stay in a hotel.
Maui Kihei Vacation Rental - The Maui Garden House
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maui Kihei Vacation Rentals - The Maui Garden House

The Maui Garden House is our new Maui Kihei Vacation Rental. Every winter for the past four years we have been coming to Maui to escape the cold winters in Canada. When our Canadian dollar went soaring up to par with the US dollar we made a very important decision. It is time for us to buy our own condo in this beautiful paradise we call our second home. We discovered that it was a buyers market especially in Kihei South Maui so we spent about two months looking at all the Kihei condos that were for sale in our price range. Finally we found the one that was perfect for us. We are now proud owners of The Maui Garden House.
The complex has lush tropical grounds and is in a wonderful location in central Maui. You can even go through gates right from the complex, and you are right at the Star Market, or Azeka shopping centre. You will find a wide variety of restaurants, a gym, bank, post office, many shops and even a craft fair right on your doorstep. There is even a Catholic church a block away so if you are inclined you can walk to a Sunday service. A few steps away is a quiet secluded beach, perfect for those early morning walks, sunbathing or swimming. If you prefer one of the other famous Kihei beaches just hop in your car and drive about 5 minutes up the road.
Our condo is on two levels and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, ideal for us when our family visits. The floor plan is friendly and open and the lanai overlooks the lovely grounds and swimming pool with views upcountry to Haleakala and Kula. We love our Maui condo and want to share it with others when we are not there. When we were looking for the condo one of our criterea was that we could do legal vacation rentals to help pay expenses. Please have a look at our website at: You may want to stay in our little corner of paradise for your next Maui vacation.