Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Best Vacation Travel Guide

The guest book in a vacation rental by owner is the best vacation travel guide for your holiday destination that you will ever find.

We were condo owners in Maui for 12 years and our guest book became the best Maui travel guide that you could possibly get because it contained a wealth of information and tips left by our guests. It was full of comments which passed on the excitement and fun of so many wonderful Maui vacations. Better still, our guests themselves told of their favourite restaurants, snorkeling spots, drives, tours, walks and more which they were delighted and happy to share.

They also left nice comments about how they appreciated the special touches that we thought of to make them feel comfortable in their home away from home. No wonder, the first thing we would do when we arrived late at night on our flight from Canada, was to sit down and read all the nice comments our guests had left. It made us feel happy and proud that we had helped make their Maui vacation a memorable one. We also took advantage of the many useful tips on things to do and places to see, which were so graciously given from the real life experiences of our guests.

We know that this is how most vacation rental owners feel so we encourage you to try renting from an owner if you have always in the past stayed in hotels. We haven't as yet seen a guest book in any hotel room we have stayed in.

If you own a vacation rental and don't have a guest book yet, make sure that you put it at the top of your "to do" list and over time you will have the best travel guide for your area, as we did for Maui.

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  1. How many Hotel owners hear these comments?
    "We loved our home away from home" and "We had the best vacation in
    memory" and: "I found the rest and repreve I really needed"
    Our Guest Book is full of them...

    Marie, "At The Rainbow" Cottage