Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Magical Vacation In Quebec, Canada

Todays Blog entry is from my sister's travel journal. She has very nicely allowed me to share this with you.

Bon Soir mes amies. I have arrived back from Montreal safe and sound. We had a marvelous trip... very full and did so much in three days it was amazing. First arriving in Montreal at the Hilton, we booked our bags and headed for the Old Sea Port of Montreal traveling through old town, very awesome it is like going to Europe, the narrow cobblestone streets the brick houses and old style buildings.
We made our way to the sea port just in time to see the fire works over the St. Lawrence River with ...outdoor ice skaking and music (this only happens in December between 6:30 and 8:30 on Saturday night only)! That was some luck to see and so awesome, we had never even thought of such an event!! Now we are very chilled and hungry.....We made our way up to the Old Town looking forward to warming up and having a great dinner.... no trouble finding a place to warm up and eat !!
Next day, decided to go and see the Old town in the day light and find our way to Schwartz's Meats to purchase the real Montreal Corned Beef. A couple of hours later our mission is accomplished and back at the hotel and the meat is in the fridge. We still have time for a couple more hours of shopping ( they are quite civilized in Quebec, keeping shopping open only until 5PM....)

Thankfully we made our way back to the hotel..after several hours shopping.. After a nice glass of wine, we decided to walk back into the Old town and find one of the restaurants that we had seen in the morning....We walked in and perused the menu .. very nice all looks well (no wine list)?? We asked what was the house wine and we are then informed, they don't supply any wine or beer, you need to bring your own , they will serve it to you...Interesting enough we only had to go just around the corner to buy a bottle of wine ($12.95/bottle)no corking fee...

Next day ... no time for breaky ..made our way to the airport and off to Quebec City..

Arrived at Quebec City Hilton, just before noon, booked into the room and put the Montreal Smoked Beef in the Chef's Fridge for the night....Headed for the Quebec City Old town, it is just magical, the lights glistening with the crisp chill of snow; there is a skiff of snow on the grass and it is -3, without the wind chill, very nice though (not damp at all and very pleasant.) We walked the Old Town, had lunch and returned to our Hotel..... Not wanting to miss a thing we headed for the swimming pool in our Hotel, (it is one of those that goes from inside to the out side), we enjoyed a great relaxing swim....Hungry we made our way to dine ....this is an other story ( the dinner was worth a story of it's own). After having great conversation while dining we made out way down just meters from our hotel to a fabulous out door skating rink, it was very magical, with the bright Christmas lights refecting off the ice and the skaters ....
I am truely amazed at Quebec City it is so Canadian and everyone is so polite, I see now why people say Canadian's are so polite and nice I have never really noticed it until going to Quebec !!
Had a great time...
written by Sylvia Haftner

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