Sunday, February 11, 2007

Puerto Rico for Vacation Rentals

On Januay 23, 2007 the US. Department of Homeland Security declared that U.S. citizens traveling by air between the U.S., and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to present a valid U.S. passport. However, U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands will not be affected by these new security measures because they are part of the U.S. Commonwealth. Analysts say as a result Puerto Rico will likely experience a jump in bookings with losses expected elsewhere. Many people who don’t want to wait for passports are heading to Puerto Rico for the perfect vacation (in vacation rentals).

The island offers just about everything, from sandy beaches, golf, water sports, night life, shopping and hiking in the island’s mountainous interior. The waves off the coast attract surfers from around the world and the deep sea fishing and scuba diving are excellent. The waters around the island offer an abundance of caves, coral reefs and deep trenches to explore.

There are many vacation rentals available in Puerto Rico, and a few different places to visit including San Juan, El Yunque, Vieques Island and many beaches such as Loiza Beach, and Luquillo. San Juan is the capital and largest city on the island and Isla Verde is the “Las Vegas” of San Juan, with its resorts, restaurants and nightlife. In contrast, old San Juan is the historic district containing over 400 restored buildings and is partially surrounded by 17th century walls. Old San Juan is very pleasant to visit and to take a stroll, with its small cafes, shops and balconied houses.

El Yunque is well known for its natural attractions and is the only rain forest in the United States, located in the Luquillo Mountains. This area hosts 240 species of tropical trees, and through its forests offers miles of different hiking trails. In this area not to be missed are the awesome caves at Rio Cumay. Ideal Vacation Rentals offers a two bedroom Rainforest Vacation Home located on 5 acres of the foothills of the northern part of El Yunque.

About seven miles east of the big island of Puerto Rico lies Vieques, an island with about 9,300 inhabitants and famous for its white sand beaches. From the second World War until 2003, 2/3 of the long island was controlled by the United States military forces, however much of the government owned land is now leased for cattle grazing.

The best natural attractions on the island just may be the beaches, which are the reason many people visit. A vacation rental on or near the coast gives you the opportunity to experience some of the loveliest beaches in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is rich with sandy beaches and Luquillo
Beach is the island’s best and most popular public stretch of sand. Luquillo beach is about 30 miles from San Juan and is known for its beautiful white sand and lagoon containing crystal water, making it ideal for families. Consider this Luquillo Penthouse Condo for your next visit to Puerto Rico.
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