Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hawaii Legislature SB750 Regarding Transient Accommodation Taxes

The following request was sent by one of our Hawaii owners regarding SB 750. Please read this if you are a Hawaii vacation rental owner as it will impact all owners in the state of Hawaii should it be passed. If you have a rental in another part of the world, you still may want to support this issue and fax letters. If vacation rental owners band together as a strong voice, there will be enough precedents set, worldwide which will help to dissolve any future issues. Please read the sample letter as presented below and the examples of points you can make in your letter. There are fax numbers below for faxing your letters, so that your voices can be heard.

We are getting the word direct from the sources at the capitol that SB 750 (which allows the State to give TAT (transient accommodation tax) information to the County for the purpose of seeking non permitted TVRs(transient vacation rentals) and B&Bs) may be shelved. There is a debate right now on whether to continue with hearings.
They were impressed with the number of letters sent by us for the last hearing. However, our opponents are writing letters right now to the WAM (Ways and Means Committee) supporting this bill. These opponents are mainly the County and pals of Keep it Kailua.
We have to do the same with a carload of letters from our side, but Opposing this bill. We have to show there are more of us. Politicians count votes.
This committee is very powerful and is about economics and environment. Keep to this subject. Write: "I am against (or opposed) to SB 750" in your First sentence. Make it just a few sentences. Please sign name, and give address. I have written a "Sample" letter for all of you. You can copy the letter below and insert one or more of the following sentences after the first sentence.
Then fax to each of the Committee Members below. These must be received by Wednesday!!! No later!!! We are hoping that the influx of letters will cause them to throw out this Bill.

Senator Rosalyn H. Baker, Chairperson
Senate Ways and Means Committee
FAX 586-6071 REF: SB 750

Dear Senator Baker,
I am opposed to Senate Bill SB 750 . It is an invasion of privacy to share state tax information with the County. We want to continue to work with the City and County to create a positive environment through regulations, instead of a hostile environment between neighbors in the communities.

Your Name
City, State Zip Code
Phone number

Some of the points to include after the first sentence....
· We want to continue to work with the City and County to create a positive environment through regulations, instead of a hostile environment between neighbors in the communities. · Economically, it will also benefit the small businesses in the communities.
· By working with the City and County, we can control impact with off street parking, permit fees and taxes.
· By passing this bill, you will only benefit a small group. Their only attitude, I win, you lose!
· It is a waste of money in litigations. Catching someone is only half of the problem.
· To put this bill into place will take a year of tax dollars, public hearings and set ups for all four counties.
· Senior citizens who have B&BS will be economically independent and able to stay in their homes. This bill does nothing for them. This is an impossible task.

There is no way to determine from a TAT license who is renting for less than 30 days. Why would the State want to risk losing millions in tax revenues by eliminating such a lucrative tourist industry? Please write for your friends and families. Have them okay and sign the letters. Individual letters count. Include your telephone numbers and addresses. Just reword or make a few points in each letter. They will count the letters and note the first sentence.
Save your letters because if they do decide to have a hearing they will need to be sent again. Be prepared to attend if a hearing is announced. I hope that we will intimidate them enough with our letters that they shelve this bill. Our first line of defense for killing this Bill is our voices, being heard through letters. Note that we have included a fax to the Governor.
If you want a letter written for you to sign let me know.
Below are the names and faxes. Please include title of Chair for Senator Baker and Vice Chair for Senator Tsutsui. All others address as Senator, name and member of Ways and Means Committee.
Governor Linda Lingle- FAX-586-0006
Senator Rosalyn H. Baker- Chair- FAX-586-6071
Senator Shan S. Tsursui- Vice Chair- FAX-586-7348
Senator Chun Oakland-FAX-586-6131
Senator J. Kalani English-FAX-587-7230
Senator Carol Fukunaga-FAX-586-6899
Senator Gary L. Hooser-FAX- 586-6031
Senator Donna Mercado Kim-FAX-587-7205
Senator Ron Menor-FAX-586-6829
Senator Jill N. Tokuda-Fax-587-7220
Senator Paul Whalen-FAX-586-9391


  1. I would like to state that the Island of Oahu has not been able to get permits since 1989. The owners continue to ask but the politicians are stalling due to a few loud voices who do not want visitors on the Island except in Waikiki.
    The outer Islands have had the same kind of stalling.
    Angie Larson

  2. SB-750 at the Hawaii State legislature was passed out of committee by a vote of 8-1 and passed by the State Senate by a vote of 21-2. It doesn't look like whoever is opposing it is on the side of the angels, mostly they are illegal vacation rental operators. It also doesn't help to have non-voters try to influence legislation in Hawaii