Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gone Fishing At Shaver Lake

Remember the days when a shop owner used to put up the sign "Gone Fishing" when he needed some good old fashioned R & R? Somehow those two words always conjure up in my imagination a lazy summer day, sitting by a serene, peaceful lake, away from life's everyday routines and stress. Shop owner or not, we all need this escape now more than ever in order to stay sane in today's busy world with its overload of "new" technology. Let's just get back to the basics and stay in a rustic cabin by a lake with no cell phone, no computer, no TV, no traffic! Just peace and quiet. There are many such fishing cabins in the United States, but the one we are going to feature today is Shaver Lake. Find some Shaver Lake Cabin Rentals. I have heard via the grapevine, that Shaver Lake California is one of the most popular lakes within the Sierra National Forest. Not only is it a great lake for fishing, but for the outdoor enthusiast, the area offers hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, kayaking and other summer activities. It is also is a great area for winter skiing and snowmobiling at the nearby Sierra Summit Ski Resort. For more information visit the website for the Shaver Lake Chamber of Commerce. Choose Shaver Lake Cabin Rentals for your next "Gone Fishing" escape.

If you have a cabin to rent at Shaver Lake or if you have some information or experiences to share with us about the area, we would love to hear your comments.

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