Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memories of Disneyland Vacation

As a child and one of seven children, we didn't take many holidays, and going to Disneyland was always an unfulfilled dream.

My husband was just like me and had always yearned of going to this magical place.

The dream was finally realized when our twins were 9 years old.

We will never forget the thrill of walking though the parking lot towards the entrance. I am sure we were more excited than the kids.

Once inside, our son was determined to get an autograph from each Disney character.

So it was Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and running here and there madly trying to meet them and so wanting to believe they were real.

We were staggered by the technology of the place, not to mention the amazing rides. Small World was delightful, and probably our favourite was the boat ride that took us to the Pirates of the Caribbean. This was back in the 80s and I know that many more exciting rides have been added since that time.
Today Disneyland is still a major tourist destination for not only families but people of all ages. The one great thing this place does is bring out the child in us all.

Another great memory of that trip was staying in a vacation rental that was steps from the Disneyland entrance. We were able to cook most of our meals and avoid the expense of eating out. The accommodations were spacious and comfortable and we were so grateful that we didn't have to cram in a small hotel room for our special holiday.

There are still many Orlando Vacation Rentals to be found that are very close to Disneyland. After our experience I would strongly recommend renting from an owner for your Disney vacation. We look forward to renewing our Disneyland memories but this time with our grandchildren.


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