Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Choose Vacation Rentals in Victoria BC

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia sits on the southern most tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada, and enjoys wonderful summers and mild winters. This agreeable climate is great reason to choose Victoria Vacation Rentals as accommodations while you explore the city and surrounding areas.

Known for its English heritage, Victoria is a popular travel destination, with its bustling inner harbour, the world famous Empress Hotel for afternoon tea, Parliament buildings, countless boutiques, and enticing restaurants. You will also find many things to do including boat trips and whale watching from the Inner Harbor, a visit to the Wax Museum or Undersea Gardens or an educational few hours exploring British Columbia's history, at the museum. An afternoon in Beacon Hill Park where you can relax and take your children to the petting zoo offers a peaceful break. Also available are tours of Victoria on a double decker bus or horse drawn carriage. So the attractions in the capital city, make for another good reason to choose Victoria Vacation Rentals for accommodation.

The charming community of James Bay, close to downtown Victoria also offers some Victoria vacation Rentals. If you stay there it is easy to take a walk down Dallas Road and see the cruise ships, or walk into downtown Victoria and the Inner Harbor in just minutes.

The village of James Bay has a grocery store, a few shops and there are a variety of great restaurants to choose from, some located in quaint character homes. You can even buy fresh fish from the local fishermen, if you feel like cooking your own supper.
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  1. I love Victoria. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

  2. I've been to Victoria BC and my vacation experience is really great. My family had a lot of fun. Maybe we will come back again soon.

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  4. I never been to Victoria before and I am so glad I have come across this article. I will definitely include this on our travel list. I heard so much about the great Victoria I would love to prove its worth soon. Love you article.

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    I love Victoria city, it offers several packages where you can get up close and personal with the dolphins. Thanks a lot...