Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tips for Vacation Rental Owners

Joyce Copeland has graciously shared her April 9th blog article with us. If you own a vacation rental, you might want to use some of the ideas below that Joyce has picked up in her travels, reviewing vacation rentals. If you have some of your own personal touches to share with us please leave a comment.

5 Personal Touches I've Found in Vacation Rentals (Not Hotels)

When I'm not reviewing vacation rentals, I review boutique hotels all over the world.
I've been treated to lots of welcome baskets with wine, cheese, fresh fruit and chocolate.
But here are five really unique, personal welcomes I've received from owners of vacation homes that I've never received at any hotel. Anywhere.

1. A handwritten welcome note.
What a concept in an age of online conformations!
Which makes it even more heartwarming is knowing that someone took the time and effort to pick up a pen, address me by name and include a few details they thought would make my stay more enjoyable.
So simple. And not so rare in vacation rentals!

2. A disposable camera.
This is especially memorable because, as fate would have it, I ran out of disk space shortly after arriving at this vacation rental.
So the camera was a lifesaver. (Still wondering if the owner was clairvoyant.)
I saw a disposable camera in a hotel minibar once, and thought how cool! Until I saw the minibar price tag.)

3. A phone card for free long distance calling.
More and more vacation rental homes offer free unlimited long distance.
So why do hotels cling to their hefty surcharges? At one hotel I visited recently, it cost $1.25 just to pick up the receiver. Kidding! (But only a little.)

4. Specially blended rosebud and licorce tea.
I'm not a tea-drinker, but this family recipe was delicious -- not to mention fragrant and beautiful to look at. (And said to be good for my skin, too!)

5. Personal recommendations.
They're like gold to me. I'll admit I've gotten some gems at smaller hotels, where the owners rub shoulders with the guests.
But vacation rental owners are champs in this area. Exactly why I included "Owner's Favorites" in every home review. Check out the Owner's Favorite listed at the end of my review of Sanctuary by The Sea Pacific Grove. Permalink -- click for full blog post

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  1. A very special welcome you might receive in Hawaii upon arrival at your Hawaii vacation rental home: a beautiful flower lei, often even made by the rental owners from fragrant plumeria flowers!

    To receive that kind of a welcome in Hawaii, it takes the booking at a 4- or 5-star hotel!

    Aloha, Pua
    Best Hawaii Vacation blog

  2. Nice blog. Thanks for the tips you gave.