Thursday, January 1, 2009

Barack Obama Chooses Kailua Vacation Home

I was happy to see that the president elect had enough sense to choose a Kailua vacation home for his family holiday in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I know that there has been much controversy about vacation rentals being allowed on that side of the island. I sincerely hope that this issue has been resolved. Vacation rentals are badly needed, especially for families that would not be able to travel if they had to stay in an expensive hotel. Renting a private vacation home from an owner gives you self catering accommodations, usually a private pool, and many other amenities that you will not find in a hotel. Another good thing is that vacation rentals range from cheap to luxurious, depending on your budget. Kudos to Barack Obama!!!!! Find some Hawaii vacation rentals at this site. Ideal Vacation Rentals-Hawaii


  1. nice to see that even the president goes the vacation rental route! It really is a great idea for family vacations and I highly recommend it to those who typically stay at a hotel. I also have a blog on San Diego vacation rentals. check it out if you get chance! Keep up the great work here :)

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